WWE Superstar Dice Game Event!

WWE Superstar Dice Game Event!

LINK: http://forum.netmarble.com/kofg_en/view/13/16223

A new dice game begins in KOF ALLSTAR! Join the event and strengthen your WWE Superstars!

Roll the dice to move the WWE Superstars and get the rewards from where they land.


Are you ready to roll?



5/22 9:00 pm – until 6/4 update (PDT)


How to Participate
1. Earn Dice Points from gameplay.
2. Use Dice Points to roll the dice.
*1 dice roll per 100 dice points.
3. Obtain rewards from the space you land on.

How to Earn Dice Points
1. Log in during the event period.
2. Complete the event missions.



Special Blocks 
1. Double: Move double the number shown on the dice.
2. Bonus: Obtain the reward multiplied by the number of board stacks.
*The board stack is increased by completely traveling around the whole board. (Stacks up to 6)


Block Rewards:
WWE Affinity Item
WWE Fighter Soul (John Cena, The Rock, Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, The Undertaker)
Ruby (use “Double” and “Bonus” block to obtain up to 80 rubies)
AS / KOF Gold Soul

Completion Rewards:
WWE Fighter Summon Token
WWE Battle Card Summon Token


Please note:
– Block rewards and completion rewards will be sent to the mailbox.
– Daily limit for Dice Points reset every day at 9 pm (PDT).
– Dice Points will be lost when the event ends.
– Event period can be changed based on the event progress status.