WWE Collaboration Fighters are HERE!

WWE Collaboration Fighters are HERE!

LINK: http://forum.netmarble.com/kofg_en/view/13/14197

King of Fighters Allstar’s 3rd collaboration is with the WWE!

It looks like the legends of the WWE are visiting the world of King of Fighters Allstar. Let’s check out the newly introduced Superstar Fighters, shall we?













If you are interested in the WWE Fighters, make sure to check out the information below!

Event Period:
After 5/13 update – 6/3 8:59 PM (PDT)


Summon Requirements:

AS John Cena
AS The Rock
AS The Undertaker
AS Becky Lynch
AS Seth Rollins

AS Kofi Kingston

Battle Cards:
“Attitude Adjustment EX”
“The People’s Elbow EX”
“Tombstone Piledriver”
“Man-Handle Slam EX”
“The Stomp EX”

“Trouble in Paradise EX”


Please Note:
– Special Cards “Attitude Adjustment EX”, “The People’s Elbow EX”, “Tombstone Piledriver”, “Man-Handle Slam EX”, “The Stomp EX”, “Trouble in Paradise EX” are available through the ‘WWE Collaboration Battle Card Summon’ during the event period.

– Kofi Kingston Fighter and Special card, “Trouble in Paradise EX”, can also be acquired on Rush Event.
– Another summon may be scheduled in the future.
– This event item may be available for purchase, or the purchase/summon system for this item, may change in the future.
– There may be duplicate items from the Normal Summon.
– Tap View Rate at the top right corner of the Summon page to check the summon chances.