Valentine Fighters!

Valentine Fighters!


Valentine’s Day has arrived and all of the KOF ALLSTAR fighters are celebrating!


And these lovely ladies have brought some sweet chocolates.

Check them out in the video below and in-game!



 (Who do you want to receive chocolates from?)



After the 2/4 maintenance – 2/18 7:59 pm (PST)


Summon Requirement:

Clear KOF ’94 Story Chapter 3 on Normal



AS Happy Valentine’s Day King

AS Happy Valentine’s Day Mary




Summon Requirement:

Player Rank 15


Battle Cards:

Venom Shot

M. Splash Rose EX


Please note:

– Valentine’s Day Kasumi can be obtained in Super Mission instead of summon.

– Valentine’s Day King, Mary and the same characters in different versions are considered the same characters and use the same Special Cards.

– Special Cards “Venom Shot” and “M. Splash Rose EX” are available through the Valentine’s Day Battle Card Summon during the event period.

– Another summon may be scheduled in the future.

– This event item may be available for purchase, or the purchase/summon system for this item, may be changed in the future.

– There may be duplicate items from the Normal Summon.

– Tap View Rate at the top right corner of the Summon page to check the summon chances.