[Ultimate] KOF All Stars Beginners Guide for F2P

[Ultimate] KOF All Stars Beginners Guide for F2P


Welcome to the basic guide for King of Fighters All Star! In this tutorial we will go over the things I have learned after progressing through the stages up to year 98 hard mode. This is mainly for free to play players.

Overall Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty smooth and they brought in all the arcade moves from this classic game. Depending on the character, you can actually combo if you know which moves connect and that will improve your overall damage. This is vital for the latter stages as it does make a huge difference.

Let’s go over the basics for this game.

Fighter Type – There are 3 types of fighter in this game. Their type will determine how there stats are distributed.

  • Attack– High offense stat, but generally low defense. Great for clearing PvE content quickly.
  • Defense – Prioritises more defense for durability and can take more hits. Better in longer fights.
  • Balanced – Can be offense/defense, but generally stats aren’t too skewed to one or the other.

I prefer balanced type fighters since they are more durable, but I think it is also personal preference here. Some offense characters can do a lot of damage quickly in a short period of time, so it is a bit of a trade off.

Normal Attack – Each character has a unique set of regular attacks. Some have high kick/punches, others have low kick/punch or dash attacks that cover a wider range.

Skills – Each character has 3 active skills, 1 finisher and 1 striker skill. The active and finisher skill is further divided into 3 types:

  • Strike – Strike moves are usually in melee range, but can also have a rather large hit box, depending on the character. For example, Kyo’s kicks have a rather wide range and can hit multiple enemies.
  • Blast – This type of attack are usually ranged attacks or projectile attacks. For example, King, K, Iori and Kyo have such attacks. Iori and Kyo’s projectile can hit enemies on the ground while King and K’s ranged attacks can only hit standing enemies. Terry has the power wave, which is a short range projectile attack.
  • Grapple – These are generally throw attacks and are great against tough bosses. It interrupts their channeling. These type of attacks cannot be blocked and you can only dodge them. Shermie 97 is an example of a grappler and she can stop enemies from moving for a short period from using her throws. When an enemy is in super armor mode, the grapple attack damage is dealt instantly when grabbed.
  • Special Attack – Upon gaining 3 power bars, you can unleash your fighter’s special attack that has invincibility frame once you cast it. You won’t take any damage. Some special attacks can miss, especially if it requires you to hit something.
  • Ultimate Attack – This can only be used when you gained 5 power bars. This attack rarely ever misses in PvE against enemies. You get invincibility frame during the entire duration. (Keep in mind that both special and ultimate attacks can cancel enemy skill channeling and super armor attacks.
  • Striker Skill – This is the skill that your character uses when he/she is tagged as striker. It is either an attack/grab, heal or buff.

There will be battle cards and leader skills that can help enhance these different types of damage.

Fighting Mechanics

When it comes to fighting games, know a few nifty tricks will really help you progress. Let’s go over the basics.

  • Attack Combo – Each character will have their variation of 5-8 hit attack patterns. Some have wider attack ranges (King) while some have shorter ones (Clark).
  • Dodging – Dodging allows you to avoid deadly attacks, which is very useful both PvE and PvP. Also a great way to position yourself for a counter attack.
  • Blocking –  Blocking still makes you take damage, but waiting for the right moment to counter attack can really be vital in PvP. Also, grabs/throws cannot be blocked.
  • Animation Canceling – You can cancel your basic attacks and the end of your skills for a slightly faster combo
  • Air Juggling – Quite hard to pull off, but can be very satisfying when done right. You want to corner your enemy.
  • Strike Support – This will call your support striker to attack your enemy or provide heals/buffs.
  • Tagging Ally – This one will switch your fighter to your selected one. When the enemy is not in super armor mode, it will launch the surrounding enemies in the air.


When it comes to this game, you have a few choices to make:

  • No re-roll and only pull your favourite fighters
  • Waifu/Husbando units only
  • Re-roll for good meta units
  • Re-roll for god tier meta units

The good news is that all fighters are viable for PvE content, so you don’t have to worry about picking a terrible unit. It is just a matter of difficulty levels. Some characters will make your life easier. Also, battle cards + HP/DEF/ATK capsules will make your character powerful.

I personally re-rolled about 9 times before I got Orochi Leona. I then chose a full 5 element color balanced type team.

Since she gives 30% attack and 10% crit rate to balanced types and Kyo 96 and Mai 94 are both balanced types, they cover Purple and Green respectively.

I then picked King 94 (Red) as my infinity summon and Athena (Yellow) 94 as my selective summon. This means all my elements are covered and everyone gets the leader bonus.

Good Meta Re-roll

Oh by the way, do not roll for the following unless you like them so much. They are given to you:

Kyo 96 is the first welcome event, followed by Terry 96, then Vice 98 and then Mature 96.

Notes to keep in mind when you re-roll:

  • You need 1 fighter of each element to progress at a good pace
  • Focus on 5 fighters of each element you want (or just 2 elements)
  • Purple is covered already with the free 5 star Kyo 96 + you will get his ultimate skill card on day 4 + 2000 extra souls for limit break
  • Find a leader that can provide offensive bonuses to everyone (optional)
  • Decide who your favorite fighter is because later on you get 1 free ultimate skill card for the fighter of your choice

Here are some good contenders that will help you have an easier time early on:

The +50% Attack Element Leaders

  • K 99 – Red +50% Attack
  • Kyo 95 – Blue +50% Attack
  • Yuri 95 – Green +50% Attack (Starter Ticket)
  • Ryo 96 – Purple +50% Attack (Starter Ticket)
  • King 97 – Yellow +50% Attack

These will help against weak elements, but they only apply to their own element. So if you want diversity, you need at least 1 other leader here to help with stages where your element is weak. Keep in mind when you are re-rolling, you need to also have another element character.

For example, if you pick Yuri 95, who is green, than perhaps you want Ryo 96 (purple) since Yuri can deal with his weak element (yellow).

God Tier Meta Re-roll

Now god tier re-rolls are very hard to get and is very time consuming. This will depend on whether you have the patience or time to pull it off.

Universal Types +X% Attack

  • Orochi Iori 97 – 60% Attack for Offense Type, -10% Defense (Top Pick)
  • Shermie 97 – 60% Attack above 70% Hp
  • Mai 95 – 25% Attack/Hp for Offense Type
  • Orochi Leona – 30% Attack and 10% Crit Rate for Balance Type

Shermie is easy as you can just pick her from the free 5 star ticket, but Orochi Iori or Leona will take some time to re-roll, but it will be well worth it as you can build your team around him.

If you would like a very detailed re-roll guide, please look at this post by KOFAS Discord: https://www.reddit.com/r/KOFALLSTAR/comments/dlumsk/rerolling_guide_provided_by_kofas_fandiscord/


Leveling in this game is pretty straight forward. Every character can get to a max level of 90. You level your character with experience capsules gotten from Growth Dungeon (Experience).

There are 3/4/5 stars in the game. They can all be limit broken to level 90.

  • 3 Star – Has max level 30. Can be evolved 3 times to max level 60
  • 4 Star – Has max level 40. Can be evolved 2 times to max level 60
  • 5 Star – Has max level 50. Can be evolved 1 time to max level 60

5 stars has less material requirements and you need less time farming the evolution materials in the dungeon. To level a character, you can feed you character experience capsules which you get from missions and also the experience dungeon.

The character element and rarity version has different stats, so you want to look at their stats in the Codex and see if you like it.

For example, at max level, 5 Star Mai 95 has 7k attack(crazy) but 900 defense, which is low. 4 Star Mai 94 has 4k attack and 2.6k defense. She is much more balanced. However, her overall stats are much lower than the 5 star version.

Later banner units have things like invincibility and super armor, which is a big bonus over 3/4 stars.

Limit Breaking

Limit breaking is very important as it makes the difference as to the difficulty of your bosses. As long as you have equal or higher level or combat power (CP), you will not get the “unstuck” mechanic where you miss the attack and therefore not doing damage and missing grabs.

You can limit break a character 30 levels, to a max level of 90. To limit break a character, you will need the following:

  • Their character soul or gold/element soul
  • From 60 to 70, 10 souls are required to get 1 level, costs 10k gold each level
  • From 70 to 80, 20 souls are required to get 1 level, costs 20k gold each level
  • From 80 to 90, 30 souls are required to get 1 level, costs 30k gold each level

So as you can see, it is quite expensive to limit break. I recommend you focus on 1 character to 70 first, then the rest of your team follows suit. It gets incredibly tedious after 70 as you need gold and more souls to max it out at 90. That is why it is critical you decide which 3 to 6 units you decide to start with.

Soul Exchange Shop

To get specific character souls, you want to head to the Soul Exchange Shop in the menu.

You can find character souls or element souls in various places. When you summon duplicate units, they will turn into their character souls. You can also sell unused character souls into soul dusts in exchange for characters you want in the soul exchange shop.

  • 3 Star Duplicate – 20 soul dusts
  • 4 Star Duplicate – 40 soul dusts
  • 5 Star Duplicate – 60 soul dusts

As for selling 1 soul of your characters:

  • 3 Star Fighter – 10 soul dust
  • 4 Star Fighter – 20 soul dust
  • 5 Star Fighter – 30 soul dust

Soul Quest

You can fight 1 on 1 battles here to obtain your character souls. You can only fight it 3 times a day and if you choose to limit break a specific character per element, the rest is locked. So pick wisely. You can skip these fights with the skip ticket. Expert mode gets 4 souls usually per battle.

Raising Affinity

Getting a character’s affinity level to 15 also rewards you with extra souls. That is a bonus +50 souls. We will go over in detail in the section below on Team Building.

Story Mode 

You can find various character souls in the story missions. Here are some farmable character souls in game:

KOF 94 Normal Story

  • 1-5: Yellow Athena 94 (4 Star)
  • 1-6: Benimaru 94 (3 Star)
  • 1-8: Rugal Bernstein 94 (5 Star)

KOF 95 Normal Story

  • 1-2: Choi 95 (3 Star)
  • 1-4: Andy Bogard 95 (4 Star)
  • 1-6: Takuma 95 (3 Star)
  • 1-8: King 95 (4 Star)

KOF 96 Normal Story

  • 1-2: Kasumi 96 (5 Star)
  • 1-3: Yuri 96 (4 Star)
  • 1-5: Sie 96 (4 Star)

KOF 97 Normal Story

  • 1-1: Ryuji 97 (5 Star)
  • 1-3: Robert Garcia (5 Star)
  • 1-5: Joe (4 Star)
  • 1-6: Iori (4 Star)
  • 1-8: Kyo 97 (5 Star)

KOF 98 Normal Story

  • 1-2: Heavy D 98 (5 Star)
  • 1-5: Kim 98 (4 Star)
  • 1-9: Kyo 98 (5 Star)

As you can see just from the normal stages alone, you can farm their souls daily 3 times if you have the character himself.

Special Events

Each week, there will always be a special event that provides specific character souls. They are part of the event rewards. You want to keep a lookout at the units as you can either farm them or sell them for extra soul dusts.

Conserving Energy (AP)

Early on, you will get a lot of AP from growth missions and quest rewards. When you level up, your energy refills to max, but if you have left over energy, it does not carry over the limit and you end up wasting energy. By doing this alone, you will have extra energy left for a lot more runs during player level 20 to 50. You should start saving AP rewards around level 15 or so.

You want to keep all the extra AP given from growth missions, daily and event rewards as they will give you more AP to level even faster later on. Every energy will help you, especially as a F2P player.

To check how close you are to rank up, you can tap the “Rank X Icon” at the top and guesstimate the experience you will get to avoid refilling AP when you are about to level up.

On a daily basis, you can get energy from the following:

  • Daily mission – 100 AP
  • Secret shop – 200 AP with 10 crystals
  • Video Ad Refill- 250 (50 AP per ad view, about 30 seconds each)
  • Arena Shop – 100 AP and 200 AP bottles
  • League Shop – 50% and 100% AP bottles
  • Tower of Trials Auto Clear – 5 AP per floor (watch ads for double AP)

Doing Story Mode + Growth Missions/Events

In growth missions, you will get a bunch of resources. You want to follow along and complete them as you progress. Not only do you get a lot of goodies, you also can stock pile a bunch of items for later use. The biggest price items are:

  • 3-4 Star Summon Ticket x10
  • 4 Star Mai 94
  • 4 Star Iori Yagami 97
  • Iori Yagami 97 souls
  • Fighter Summon Ticket x10
  • Mai 94 souls
  • 5 Star Athena 96
  • 4 Star Set Card
  • 5 Star Select Ticket (Option Card)
  • 5 Star Select Ticket (Set Card)

Needless to say, you want to complete them as you progress in the game. For the option card selector, I opted for the -X second cooldown option card as it allows my characters to cycle their skills faster.

7 Day Event Bonus (Welcome Festival)

Key – Don’t pick Kyo 96 from your hero ticket!

With the start of the launch, we have a 7 day bonus where you will receive the following:

  • Day 1 – Purple Kyo 96 (Don’t choose him using your 5 Star Ticket)
  • Day 2 – 50 Kyo 96 souls
  • Day 3 – 50 Kyo 96 souls
  • Day 4 – Kyo’s Battle Card
  • Day 5 – Set Card (Hobby Type 3)
  • Day 6 – Option Card (Hp and Crit Rate increase)
  • Day 7 – 5 Star Battle Card summon

Battle Cards

The battle cards are what makes your character crazy strong and OP when paired with the right combo. Battle cards also give you extra stats to further improve your character stats or skills.

You can farm battle cards in special events and in the growth dungeons.

Growth dungeons can drop the rare battle cards, but I am sure the odds are very low.

It is a long grind and it will take some tremendous luck to be able to get a drop you are looking for. A very good set you can get early on is the Hobbies Type set. You get 2 from the growth mission and if you farm in the battle card dungeon to complete the set, it will help a lot.

Basically the set charges up your power bar very quickly if you get attacked many times, allowing you to use your special skills. Works best if you have the ultimate card of your character so you can spam both special attacks.

Character and Team Building

Now that you have a good idea on what you are getting from progressing in the game, it is time to talk about building a solid team to progress to the end game. You want a relatively balanced team that has all elemental coverage to have an easier time in PvE content.


Each character has an affinity level which can be improved. Increasing character affinity will provide you with bonus crystals. You can improve a character stats with increased affinity level. For example, the next level gives a slight 100 hp boost. Affinity also increases when you use them often.

You want to feed them with their favorite food for bonus points (110 points), which is indicated with a smiley face. You can then check where you can find the food by clicking on the food, and see where you can farm them. Other types of food will provide different points.

Link Bonuses

Link bonuses are a great way to further strengthen your character. Do not underestimate some of these bonuses as they really make a big difference in killing bosses. I particularly like -X second cooldown striker tag bonuses as they really improve your overall damage output.

Use that alongside Unreal Peace(Kula) or Strategic Retreat battle card and you have -3.8 seconds skill cooldown at max level. Now with Ryo tagged with Robert and you have a whooping -5.2 seconds cooldown.

Gold Farming Links

There are a few really good links that you can get by using specific combos.

Robert 96 linked with Yuri 96 gives 12% extra gold gain.

Mai 94 and King 94 with her own counterparts also give some okay gold gains at 6%. It might not seem like a lot but having more gold means less time farming overall for core and battle card upgrades.

Constructing Your Team

Using fighters who gets the most bonuses from a leader skill and also good striker partners with good links for the best bang for your buck.

Earning Rubies

Getting crystals in the game is pretty easy early on due to the sheer amount of rewards you get just from starting the game. It will drop off later, but the game is still very generous to F2P players.

Daily and Weekly

  • 30 Rubies (Daily) – Watch an ad (15-30 seconds) under Shop -> Recommended Items
  • 50 Rubies (Daily) – Complete daily
  • 250 Rubies+ (Weekly) – Time Attack Challenges
  • 50 Rubies (One time only) – Level 9 Affinity per character

If you do the entire story line (3 star all stages from normal, hard and expert) + the growth missions, you will get roughly 30,000 rubies as a F2P. The key is to not spend on banners you don’t want.


Hope this guide helps you out. If you would like to check out the progression guide on how to proceed smoothly in leveling, you can check it out here.