[Top 10] Best Battle Cards for Global KOFAS (2019)

[Top 10] Best Battle Cards for Global KOFAS (2019)


With the game now 2 months old on Global, it is time to go over the best battle cards (for Set and Option) the game has to offer for now. In the future, we will be getting a few more good battle cards that can alter the rankings of this list.

The criteria we choose to rank this cards is based on:

  • Utility – Can it be used on almost all fighters?
  • DPS Potential – Can it quickly improve your fighter’s damage output?
  • Defensive Potential – The ability to outlast or heal over time

The Cards

1 – Unreal Peace [Option]

This, alongside the Strategic Retreat, is one of the best battle cards that any fighter can use to improve their damage over time. It provides +3.5% hp and -1.9 second skill cooldown(including specials). Once you get a hold of 2 of these, you will reduce the cooldown of all your skills by 3.8 seconds, which is huge. This literally makes some of the current fighter available really broken, especially the FESTIVAL fighters (purple border).

Some fighters with 2 of these can do infinite combos, which helps tremendously in PvE and also Live PvP if you play that mode. Below are some fighters that I have tested that can do infinite combos.


King 94 Juggle Setup

She needs either Mai 94 or Yuri 94 to make it happen. Since both these fighters give -2s cooldown to her skills as a striker. Alongside King 95 + additional cooldown for venom strike, you can actually spam that skill every 3-4 seconds.

To start her combo, you want to S1 -> S2 and then S3 when the enemy is about to hit the ground. Stunning an enemy counts as them standing. Keep in mind you will need some practice to get it right. Sometimes lag can really mess with the combo.

Mai 95 Juggle Setup

Mai 95 has -0.6s base skill cooldown in the core + has an excellent striker option in Yuri 95 (-2s cooldown). With King 95 as the leader which reduces her cooldown by another 1.5s and the 2 cooldown cards maxed, she gets up to a total of -5.9s cooldown. With that, she can juggle efficiently.

Blue Mary 97 Juggle Setup

This setup costs way more. You need Terry 97 as striker for the -2s cooldown, then Crazy Envy Mary (free from Epic Quest) as the leader for the 30% attack for females and -0.8s base skill cooldown. You can only pull Terry 97 and Blue Mary 97 from the secret shop after completing story mode 97.

As for Shermie’s infinite combo, it requires more practice. So it is less common to use her than the other ones since it is much easier.

Jin Kazama(Classic) Setup

Both Jins can do it. The regular classic Jin takes a bit more practice to get it right. Too bad these are limit fighters and they wont be back most likely.

For Hoodie Jin, the combo starts with S2 -> 4 normal attacks -> S3 -> S1 and repeat.

For Classic Jin, the combo starts with S1 -> S2 -> 4 normal attacks -> S3 -> 4 normal attacks -> S1  and repeat.


Goenitz is the easiest to do infinite combo as he only requires the cooldown cards + King 95. If you already farm Mecha Goenitz from the epic quest, it makes this even easier since he offers -0.5s cooldown as a striker. Since all 3 of his skills launch enemy into the air, you can use any of his skills to start the combo. His special also launches enemy into the air, making him able to repeat his combo. Here is a video of him doing it below:

Orochi Leona can also do this, but her setup requires one of them to work:

Both provide cooldowns of 0.8s and 1.5s to skills respectively. I like to use All Star Mary more because she also gives her 30% attack while Joe  gives only cooldown. For her combo, you want to start with using S1 into S2 then S3 and repeat. Both her specials can also extend air time and continuing the combo.

The downside to her infinite combo is that sometimes the bosses can roll out of her S3 attack.

1 – Strategic Retreat [Option]

Much like Unreal Peace, this doesn’t need much explanation. It is just a matter of wheter you prefer a bit more defense or health. I lean towards more health but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to much.

3 – Favorite Thing [Set]

This set is popular for a few reasons. It can be used by most attack and balanced attackers as they give bonus +17.8% attack upon a critical hit for 5 seconds on top of the 12.5% attack bonus from the card option. Any character with 15% crit rate will trigger this often when attacking. That makes it the top choice for attackers.

4 – Two Girls’ Rendezvous [Set] – Limited

This set would be rated above the Favorite thing set if it was obtainable outside of the Tekken banner. It is best used on fighters that can scale well on crit. This includes fighters like Orochi Iori, Geese XIV, Zero etc. This set provides 10% crit rate and 50% crit damage.

It also has a 3% power gain for all allies upon landing a critical hit, which is useful for Team Chain Quest when it is released on Global.

5 – KOF x TEKKEN [Option] – Limited

This card is good for PvP, especially in Arena/League matches. It gives you a lifeline to counter should you get knocked in the air, giving you time to attack them back since you won’t flinch. It is unfortunate that it won’t be back anytime soon. This card is also very strong in Live PvP as well.

6 – Hobbies [Set]

One of my favorite budget sets to put on fighters. Anytime you get hit, you gain power. This means you charge up your specials fast and can spam it often. It is also very good on Chizuru 96, where she can block a lot of damage with it. However, her offense is poor so you won’t see her often in Live PvP. But for PvE and PvP survivability, Chizuru 96 is one of the tankiest units in the game with this set + a healing striker. She is immortal.

7 – The Sealer, The Yasakani [Option]

This one is really good against Epic Quest 0 Hidden Wrath Chizuru final boss. The extra critical rate and bleed damage will help, especially for Andy 98 and Mature 96. Have a look at this guide if you want to know more about the Epic Quest.

8 – Vicious Taste [Option]

A great scaling card for any attacker as it gives 3.5% attack and active skill dmg increase. It is versatile and can be used on anyone that just needs more DPS.

9 – Rehearsal [Option]

A decent card that gives -1.9s cooldown to ultimate skills. This is great for anyone that likes to spam their ultimates.

10 – Sibling Training [Set]

This one will become really good if you want to get really good times for Time Attack. At the current time, Global doesn’t have Chizuru 97 just yet.

Once she arrives, she is a key member alongside Yuri 98 in shortening your Time Attack runs to about the 1 minute mark, which will net you lots of rubies in the upper ranks of the challenge. She gives +40% Power gain at the start of battle. With this set on, she will gain 53.4% power at the start of the battle.

With just a few attacks, she can keep spamming her ultimate skills. It is also key to get her 3 PG card from the Epic Quest to make it happen.

Below is an example: