Skill Combo and Juggling Guide for Beginners

Skill Combo and Juggling Guide for Beginners


Welcome to the skill combo and juggling guide. In this tutorial, we will go over why you want to mix normal attacks with skills to extend your combos. Not only does it help you deal more damage over time, it can sometimes be the difference between winning and losing a fight.

Why Bother?

It is fun! Chaining skills can be a blast!

Early on, some missions are quite tough, especially if your fighters are not high level enough. However, with better skill combos, you can tackle harder story modes much faster and earning more rubies. Those rubies can be used to eventually summoning your preferred Festival fighter (purple border) using the pity system of 27k rubies.

In order to do that, you want to get to player level 100 and finish up the entire story mode from normal to expert.

Upon getting a festival fighter, life becomes easier in PvE mode as you can start steam-rolling a lot of the content.

Criteria of a Good Combo Fighter

A good combo fighter should have at least 2 of the following:

  • Skills that launch enemies in the air
  • Skills that can knock them on the ground and can also hit on the ground
  • Super Armor skills (avoids interruption)
  • Skills with longer animations (helps other skill cooldowns)
  • Special/Ultimates with decent animation time (4-7 seconds)
  • Stun/Freeze/Petrify attacks
  • Fast normal attacks with the final hit being a launch to the air
  • All 3 skills can be chained together
  • 10-11 seconds base skill cooldown

The best fighters are the ones with short skill cooldowns, can chain their skills together and their specials can be followed up after usage.

Some examples of good fighters that combo well (excluding purple border Festival Fighters for now):

Juggling and Infinite Juggling

For juggling, you are going to want the following.


Getting 2 of either one will allow you to juggle efficiently. This will really help with hard stages early on when you don’t have enough combat power to take on stronger enemies. They have to be maxed or at least skill level 9 to make it work.

When juggling, sometimes a failed launch can be saved by calling on certain strikers. For example, Kyo 95 can be called to re-launch enemies back into the air should you see a failed juggle in coming. It does require practice and quick fingers.

Quick Note: All my featured fighters below are level 90 and equipped with 2 Unreal Peace cards. Also I apologise for the non full fitted screen Youtube videos, I was using my iPad to record.

King 94 Juggling

In order for King 94 to make a strong juggling combo, you will need the following setup:


She gives King 94 a skill cooldown of -2s as a striker.


Joe as the leader gives a -1.5s cooldown for all balanced type fighters.

Below is King 94 juggling Orochi 97 story expert mode. You want to start the combo off with:

  • S2 -> S1 -> S3 when the enemy almost hits the ground. Rinse and repeat. Takes a bit of practice to get the timing down.


Jin (Classic) Juggling – [Limited Collab Unit]

Unfortunately for those that played after the Tekken collaboration, you will not get a chance to get him for free. With just the 2 cooldown cards Unreal Peace and Strategic Retreat, he can also combo enemies in the air effectively.

His skill order goes like this:

  • S1 -> S2 -> 5 Normal Attacks -> S3 -> 5 Normal Attacks -> S1 – > S2 -> 5 Normal Attacks -> Special Attack -> Repeat

Using special is not necessary if your timings are on point, but it helps if you mess up sometimes.

Mai 95 Juggling

Mai 95 is one of the most popular fighters to start due to her special card being free and she has a universal leader skill for Attack type fighters (25% Atk/Hp). Her normal attacks are quick and her skills have short cooldown thanks to her core.


She gives Mai a whooping -2s cooldown. Best striker for her hands down.


She gives Attack type fighters -1.5s cooldown, so it is vital to have her as your leader.

Add the 2 cooldown cards and you have a monster. Skill order is S2 -> S3 -> S1 -> Repeat. Make sure to pin them against the wall!

Check it out below:

Blue Mary 97 Juggling

Blue Mary is a defensive type, so her damage will be a bit lower than the others. However, with the following setup, she can infinite combo PvE content as well. The issue is, you can only get her and Terry 97 once you unlock Epic Quests by summoning on the Starving Wolves banner.

Blue Mary has grab skills, which is extremely useful against enemies that like to block.


Gives Mary -2s cooldown.


She gives -0.8s cooldown and 30% attack for female fighters, which helps her low attack.

The infinite combo starts with Blue Mary’s S3 -> S1 -> S2 -> Repeat. Have a look below.

Festival/Limited Infinite Combo Fighters

In this section, I will go over some fighters that can do infinite combos:

Kazuya Tekken Juggling Combo

Kazuya is limited as well, so most will not have him, but he, like other Tekken fighters can wall opponents infinitely in the corner and beat them to submission.

He doesn’t need a striker link like what I showed in the video, but you do need 2 maxed out Unreal Peace or Strategic cards to work.

Combo goes S1 -> 4 Normal Attacks -> S2 -> 4 Normal Attacks  -> S3 -> 4 Normal Attacks -> Special -> S2 -> 4 Normal Attacks -> S1 -> Repeat

There are very many variations to it, but you can mix and match to see what works for you.

Orochi Leona 97 Juggle/Infinite Combo

Orochi Leona is quite good at juggling, although infinite combo is harder to pull off as enemies can roll away sometimes. But her damage is really good and can help you take on much harder quests early on.

She needs one of them as leader to work well:

I prefer Crazy Mary since she also gives 30% attack alongside -0.8s cooldown, making Leona do more damage. But if you need the -1.5s cooldown, Joe is the better choice.

Goenitz 96 Infinite Combo

The requirements are quite low as you only need the cooldown cards of Unreal Peace or Strategic Retreat.


He gives Goenitz -0.5s cooldown, which gives you a bit more leeway to making mistakes while keeping enemies in the air.

His combo starts with S2 -> 5 Normal Attacks -> S3 -> S1 -> Repeat. You can weave in a special attack here and there if you want to make sure you keep up the combo.


There are also others that can do it as well, but I don’t have them to confirm it. Hopefully this helps those that are starting and see who they want to pick as their starting fighters.