PvP Tier List by xArceDuce

Orochi 97
Omega Rugal 98
Terry Bogard 03
Geese XIV
Nameless 02
Xmas Elizabeth
Orochi Leona 97
Orochi Shermie 97
Igniz 01
Ash Crimson 03
Pretty Chang Kohean All Star
Mukai 03
Orochi Yashiro 97
Orochi Chris 97
Original Zero 01
Orochi Iori 97
Original Zero 00
Nakoruru XIV
Krizalid 99
Goenitz 96

This list is created by xArceDuce. Thanks for letting us use this! Here is a link to his document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J76G1i2t7LtHYC-9D7hgyK4CAmdFsnClAOMIKFPGyfc/edit#gid=1218811228

S Tier

- Instant fireball that does Burn
- HP/PG Regen
- Access to Super Armor
-Access to Damage immunity
- 25% Atk boost Core

This guy basically started the first huge meta shift.

His burn pillar lands a multi-hit projectile literally where you are. It does burn on hit, meaning you basically have an insane burn and take insane HP damage if you end up in the pillar.

His teleporting shield introduces the infamous 3 second Super Armor + Damage immunity effect, which makes him amazing for Offense PvP in general combined with his multi-hit projectile.

The biggest part is the 25% Atk and HP Regen, though. The HP regen can literally fix runs back into perfect like flex tape. Because of this, he's a more reliable (and thus best imo) offense PvP FES for Arena and League. The reason why I put him as equal to Elisabeth is because Orochi still has better heal (4.8% HP/3s over Betty's 2.4% HP/3s) and Betty(Xmas Elizabeth) doesn't have the fire piller.

- S1 resets its own CD
- HP heal on skill 2
- 26% Atk buff (s2)
- DI + SA + Stun for 3s (s3)
- Heal + SA at 50% HP

After buffs: Holy hell is Omega Rugal strong.

First, he is the first character to get Stun, Damage Immunity and Super Armor built in one of his skill all at once. Kaiser Wave basically became one of the strongest skills in the game thanks to the rework.

Secondly, God Press also became stupidly strong thanks to the 26% Atk buff that he also has on himself whenever he uses it. 26% Atk buff is HUGE. This combined with Genocide Cutter basically resetting its own cooldown like Kazuya's EWGF, Omega Rugal has become equal to almost 97 Orochi at this rate.

Amazing character after the revamp.

- Access to SA on Skill 1/3
- Projectile Safety on Skill 1
- Access to DI on skill 2
- Stun on skill 2
- Projectile Safety on Skill 3

The biggest upset in the meta so far after Mukai. XIV Geese means business when he comes to Arena/League/Live PvP. His skill 2 is VERY fast thanks to the animation buffs, making it so that he basically can win round start neutral strats with ease.

He has a LOT of ailments. Shock DoT on Finishing skill/Skill 3. Attack/Movement speed reduction on skill 3. Stun on skill 2. Cooldown increase on Finishing skill. Ability to burst Shock DoT on crit (healing isn't really that major of an effect on offense, though great on Live PvP).

He's by far the strongest offense PvP character they have released. The only thing that puts Orochi above him in offense is because Orochi fix hits into perfects, while Geese can't fix perfects when taking hits.

Terry Bogard 03 (Not available in Global yet)
Yellow (Balanced)

- Access to 25%+ 20% Atk buff
- Access to DI for 3s (s2)
- Can Disable Evade for 3s (s2)
- 1242% Nuke on skill 3
- TWO OTG skills
- Insane Guard core passive

In terms of versatility, Terry and Ignis so far are the best in that category.

The man hits HARD. His Power Dunk's slide picks up anyone that's grounded on the floor while Power Wave is basically a 1242% damage multiplier nuke when Terry is 1+ Bar. As if that wasn't good enough, Terry has access to a 25% Atk buff in Power Dunk and 20% Atk buff in his 2nd core ("Are you OK?"). As if that wasn't bad enough, Power Charge 2003 basically disables rolling for 3 seconds. So if you're on the floor, you're stuck there.

His Guard Passive is his strongest part in live PvP. When you guard a hit, you get 5 seconds of super armor and nullify any [Freeze/Petrify]. This basically puts a stop to any Mukai or H. Kula shenanigans fast when combined with Power Charge 2003. Amazing character in every mode overall.

Xmas Elizabeth (Not available in Global yet)
Green (Balanced)

- 2.4% HP regen per 3s (core)
- 30%/70% Damage Mitigation (core)
- Access to DI + SA (Skill 1)
- Access to Frostbite DoT (Skill 1)
- Access to 25% Atk buff (Core 2)
- 35% chance to freeze on skill 2
- Access to 30% Movement debuff (s2)
- Access to 27% Atk buff (skill 3)
- Access to 20% Damage Reflect (skill 3)

To understand how destructive this character is, we have to understand her skill effects and her general core in combination. In short words: She's basically an Updated 97 Resurrected Orochi.She has a 2.4% HP regen every 3 seconds (Not as rapid and reliant as Orochi's), but her condition isn't held down by a 40% Power Gauge requirement.

It's more tied in a "have more then 50% HP" condition. The thing about what makes Elisabeth scary is her two damage mitigation passives. One gives her a 30% Damage Mitigation buff when she is above 50% HP and gives her a passive HP regen. The other gives her a 70% Damage Mitigation buff when she is lower then 50% HP.

And her DI+SA skill and her 35% Freezing chance skills have fast animations, making them perfect for ruining runs very easily. She specializes in dragging out the fight, which is a horrendous thing for most people. Thus, she's probably THE Strongest PvP character to release as of now. Her biggest problems is her lackluster combo game and lack of neutral projectiles. This kinda stops her from becoming [THE GOD TIER].

Nameless (Not available in Global yet)
Purple (Defense)

- 150% [Burn] on Skill hit
- Access to Roll/Skill disable (s1)
- 45% Def to Atk conv (s2)
- Access to DI for 3s (s3)
- Two OTG's (s1/s2)
- INSANE range on skills
- Petrify/Stun duration decrease
- 25% Chance to SA for 4s (Core)

Nameless by far has become the long-range specialist in the game so far.

All I can say is that the guy is scary if the AI knows how to use him properly. A 150% [Burn] ailment can ruin anyone's perfect beyond even almost Orochi and Betty's HP regeneration if utilized enough. Not to mention his skills have insane range and reach alongside Power Gauge decrease on active skill hit.

The part that's crazy about the guy is that he's a defense type, so giving him Kaya set and also shoving him with Tekken option card can ruin a LOT of people's days. I would say he's even one-up Ash at this point considering he can disable evasion/skills and also has Petrify/Stun duration decrease (countering some people). Definitely much, much scarier in Live PvP next to Ignis. I would put these two at the best for Live PvP at this point. The only caveat is that his only source of SA is his 25% chance core (which is easily fixed).

A Tier

- OTG's everywhere
- who gave her super armor
- who gave her stun
- why does skill 2 exist
- +42% Def > Atk Conv. (s1)
- +35% Defense on skill 3

If Ignis is the most versatile, then Pretty Chang is the more upfront. The first Seasonal FES also.

First of all, she has the weight of "Chang", this means that she will launch lower, fall faster and fall out of combos much more often. To fix this, you should bring someone with OTG's as she will most likely survive one skill when built.

Pretty Chang by far is the character I fear facing in Live PvP or even Arena/League thanks to the KOFxT7 option card. All her skills can stun on last hit. Almost every hit OTG's (including her FIRST normal string hit). She also has a skill that basically is a panic button in Live PvP. Fighting her is like fighting Juggernaut in Marvel, you just see super armor and any hit you take basically can lead to massive damage or instant KO's.

- Has two projectiles
- Has 50% stuns on projectiles
- Access to two shock DoT's
- Power Gauge Reduction
- Decrease Atk Down duration

Revamp's come and she's come out very well.

First, she has two sources of "shock" damage from her projectiles, where one also has the Geese's Finishing move effect/Ignis's projectile skill. This adds to her damage as they're very generous attack percentages on the skills.

Secondly, she now has stun reflect, which is a very appreciated thing in the live environment.

Much better character after her buffs, even if they did add a shock effect.

- Multi-hit/launch Projectile
- Immediate standing moves
- Pretty high multipliers
- Lowest CD in the game
- HP recovery on hit
- SA + Guard Crash on skill 1

Orochi Leona is freaking strong, even when outdated. However, she required a bit of effort compared to other people.

Her entire game is CD reduction. Her skills have 10.6/10.5/8.5 seconds tied to them. When you combine it with a -1 second Leader Skill, -3.8 seconds from two Strategic Retreats and an additional -1 potentially from her 97 Normal Leona's striker link, she ends up with a cooldown set of 4.8/4.7/2.7 seconds. I don't know about you, but that's pretty crazy to have her fireballs on 4.7 seconds.

Revamps gave her guard crash, shock and Atk up alongside super armor. A solid character that's become much better.

Ash 03 (Not available in Global yet)

Green (Defense)

Ash is basically what happens when you take the used-to-be-trending Burn meta in League and decide to destroy them UTTERLY. When the guy is struck with [Poison/Burn/Bleed], he gets 42% Def to Atk conversion for 10 seconds and Super Armor for 5 seconds. This pairs with his fireballs, so if you hit him during his fireball with 98 Kyo's leader skill on: You're 98% fucked, buddy.

His AI is very aggressive, always starting with fireballs and being much more unpredictable in skill usage. With it, he has one of the best normal string starters in the game, which almost teleports him forward in range. As if that wasn't bad, his striker links gives him a barrier that prevents all attacks for 1 second that activates when attacked... And it's on 96 Kyo/Iori/Chizuru. And that also gives him 20% Power Gauge at start. Dude's scary in League, having ended a LOT of my runs easily.

Igniz 01  (Not available in Global yet)

Purple (Attack)

- +2s CD debuff on skill 3
- Skill disability on skill 2 hit
-Frame 0 SA launch on skill 1
- Skill 2 resets Skill 3 CD
- Insane OTG + Hitstun
- 15% Atk + 2000 Pen. Core.

If Orochi is the guy you bring to Arena/League, Ignis is the guy you bring to Live PvP.

Not only does he have the highest Atk value in the game, his skill 2 and skill 3 attacks grounded enemies, which makes him very potent as nothing is basically safe against skill 3. Mukai basically eats it hard because Ignis has a 60% [Petrification] duration reduction core.

The man is scary. The fireball hurts through Shock and basically flicks one Maxima card out, the cape flick literally disables all your options for 4 seconds and the chain swing basically is one of the fastest skills in the game with amazing range to boot. (It literally can be used on round start and you will probably hit everyone in Arena/League before they know it). His free desperation Finishing skill is also the best one for PvP, in my opinion. Amazingly solid and underappreciated character. WAY scary in League with Krizalid Striker.

Mukai 03 (Not available in Global yet)

- Access to SA + DI for 3s
- 20% Atk buff on Skill 1
- Petrification on skill 3
- Petrifies anyone who hits him
- 17% Skill DMG if >50% HP
- Aggressive AI

If Orochi was the meta-changer, Mukai was the second.

I don't know what to say about the guy except "annoying". He has a very aggressive AI who tends to love using skill 2, which is a charging attack that can hit grounded opponents along with having super armor and damage immunity for 3 seconds. He hits hard also, especially on the rock throw (that basically finishes you with a falling column if you get hit).

The Passive is just annoying. There's no way around it. Halloween Kula only relied on this passive, but Mukai basically uses this passive to its maximum potential. The guy hits hard and has much harder skills to deal with. Thanks to Mukai, Damage immunity became almost mandatory for safety in Arena/League.

B Tier

- Access to 2 projectiles
- 20% Atk boost on Skill 1
- Guard disable on skill 2
- DI + SA for 3s on Skill 3
- Stun Reflect on Core
- Skill 3 resets Skill 2 CD on hit
- 40% Atk and 20% Skill damage buffs

O. Zero just has one strategy: Nuke 'em.

His Lion not only hits hard, but also gives a lot of power gauge on one hit, so he usually has more bars to work with then most other FES characters here. His other skill isn't too shabby considering it disables guard.

His biggest part is his combo and his Atk/Skill Damage buffs. ST Krizalid isn't really bad as a DI+SA move, as it is basically an open punish. But I prefer DI+SA moves that are more aggressive then defensive. Zero still has a ton of good PvP passives like reflecting stun, having the infamous "Using a skill resets another skill's cooldown" that secures kills and is generally the most consistent of characters. Even if his AI sucks, he's scary when he has a NESTS support in league.

- Atk core (improved)
- Access to Guard Crash (s2)
- Disables Dodge (s3)
- Super Armor (s1)
- Critical hit rate on 10+ hits

After revamps, he's as good as NESTS Kyo, in my opinion.

1. He has very long animations, but now has access to super armor and guard crash, making him much more usable against opponents. This also includes the fact that both his skills on s1 and s2 inflicts burn.

2. Have gained a better attack core improvement from the looks of it alongside critical hit rate boosts that he really needed.

Much better, so much better. Do I think he's better then NESTS Kyo? Not much as I think they're both great characters at this point with their own seperate things.

- DEF to Atk conversion (s1)
- Global damaging grab (s2)
- Super Armor on skill 3
- Heals on hit and regens HP
- Super Armor on block (core)

Yashiro is very straightforward. He has a dashing grab with super armor and a standing grab.

That's basically it besides having HP Regeneration when he is under 70% HP (If it was general HP regen with no conditions, he would be much higher) and heal when attacked during a skill.

Thanks to his new buffs, he's become much more scary to fight, as he now has access to super armor, defense buffs alongside a global-damage grab that acts like Armor King's core.


Red (Balanced)

- Burns, everywhere.
- 28% Atk Buff on skill 1
- OTG grab and OTG Fireball
- 70% PGG buff on skill 2
- Crit Rate increase on skill 3
-Stun/Petrify/Freeze reduction

AKA "Hey, you kids wanna be on fire?"

NESTS Kyo is kinda in a weird spot thanks to Ash. Without Ash, he would be decent even against Mukai thanks to access to fireball that launches. He's still great to play as he has ridiculous burn DoT that basically can secure KO's even if you do not completely hit someone's entire bar out. With Ash, he's basically dead.

His biggest perks are his OTG grab (which hits HARD and can grab anyone in any situation) and his Power Gauge Gain bonus on skill 2 (the '99 uppercut). He will probably be the guy you see using the most finishing moves from, with actually pretty damn good finishing skills to boot.

He also is the one of the few characters with duration reduction on all 3 crowd-control ailments.

- 60% Atk leader skill
-SA (3s) + OTG on skill 1
- 60% Crit DMG on Skill 2
- 20% Atk buff on skill 3
- Access to 1000 Penetration

If this was a PvE tier list, I would rate Orochi Iori pretty high, as he just hits hard in general.

This isn't a PvE tier list.

After updates... Eh. The biggest update is super armor on projectile and disable roll.

I don't think it's anytime major of a change, due to how Orochi Iori's biggest problems are still his skill animations (skill 2 is actually pretty bad still) and overall lack of presence compared to other people during the neutral. I think Orochi Leona is still better then him in PvP, sadly. (though, PvE wise, he's been buffed crazily with that juicy 60% Crit DMG and 1000 Penetration)

C Tier

Krizalid 99 (Not available in Global yet)

Red (Balanced)

- +20% Skill damage + 50% Crit Mitigation at <50% HP
- CD reset + 50% Power Gauge on <30% HP
- 27% Atk buffs on Skill 1
- Super Armor on Skill 3

Krizalid's main focus (and problem) is that he's an entire character based on "Be below <#% HP". Considering the nature of arena and league, this is sorta bad.

Besides that, Krizalid isn't really that bad as a live PvP choice. Get rid of the HP requirement in Arena/League and you got yourself a solid character that disables guard and has a pretty good dashing skill to boot. Alongside that, he is a very good striker to use for Original Zero and Ignis.

After revamp, he isn't changed much, receiving super armor on skill 3 and Atk/Def buffs, but he's still good as a "last ditch" character.

Original Zero 00 (Not available in Global yet)

Red (Defense)

- Access to stun
- Beefy with super armor
- 20% Atk buff on skill 3
- CD reset at 30% HP
-Heal passive at 30% HP

Zero as a free character isn't really too bad. He has a very fast move in form of Shoha and a very decent skill in form of his Skill 1 and Skill 3. When hitting an enemy with an active skill, they lose the ability to dodge for 4 seconds, which is pretty good.

I'd say he's just like Krizalid: Much better in the live environment more then regular arena/league thanks to how he basically is just a walking beatstick. No access to fancy effects, but he doesn't really need them to still be better then a lot of people in PvP in general. I put him above O. Iori because his cape flick is still pretty freaking fast to react to

Only obtainable in Team Chain Quest.

Nakoruru XIV (Not available in Global yet)

Green (Balanced)

- Burns everywhere also
- 20% Crit Rate on skill 2
- Has OTG Normals + skills
- 5 sources of burns

If you like weird characters, I would suggest Nakoruru the most. VERY weird but definitely workable.

Nakoruru has a very weird normal string. It's almost like the middle ground of Tekken and KOF normal strings, as it has an OTG part but it's also VERY late into the string. Her normal string is also guard cancellable thanks to its weird properties, so you can do some weird air juggles with it.

Her entire schtick is burn damage, but she does a better job then Orochi Chris due to her much faster (and generally safer) animations. The only problem is when Ash Crimson gets involved (urgh...). Besides that, in defense, you should just avoid getting hit by her at all costs due to how she can stick burns on you like no tomorrow.

D Tier

- Projectile that OTG's
- Fast Dash that bleeds
- Access to quick grab

Goenitz is pretty much the average standard for FES.

Hits hard, has a unique feature (the Tornado that basically can be read but also zones hard), has a bleed that can secure kills and a grab that can basically secure a lot of leaked combos.

But that's all he has. Nothing unique nor nothing really out there.