New Fighter Notice

New Fighter Notice


The strong leader of Those from the Past who can manipulate time! XIII Saiki and his Special Cards will be released.

See below for more details.


◈ New Fighter


▶ KOF ALLSTAR United Summon Changes 
– A new exclusive slot will be applied through the 7/28 (PDT) patch.
– When a new fighter is released, they will automatically be added to the exclusive slot for a set amount of time, increasing their summon chance.

– The exclusive slot is an optional pick-up slot that is dedicated to newly released fighters, and not for previously released fighters.

– Exclusive slot will be applied separately from the existing pick-up selection system.
(5 fighter pick ups + 1 new fighter exclusive automatic pick up)

※ The summoning rate of fighters except for the 5 fighters selected for pick up, including the exclusive slot, will be adjusted.
※ The fighter selected for the exclusive pick up slot will remain there until the next fighter release.
※ If there are 2 or more new fighters, tap the exclusive slot to change the fighter.
※ The new fighter in the exclusive slot will not appear in the normal Pick-Up Selection until the new fighter is released.
※ Once the next fighter is added, the previous new fighter can be selected from the normal Pick-Up Selection.


▶ Summon Schedule and Info

Summon Period


Available Fighter/Battle Card

7/28 6:30 pm (PDT) –

KOF ALLSTAR Fighter Summon


5★ XIII Saiki

KOF ALLSTAR Battle Card Summon

Special Card

5★ Kasumi

Special Card

5★ Washiba Otoshi

※ The Fighter and Battle Cards included in this notice will be added to the “KOF ALLSTAR Fighter/Battle Card Summon” lineup in the future. They may be available from another summon or event content in the future.


▶ Fighter Info


▶ Please note
※ Tap View Rate at the top right corner of the Summon page to check the summon chances.
※ Loyalty Reward will be provided based on the summon counts of “KOF ALLSTAR Fighter/Battle Card Summon”.
※ Summon schedules or lineups are subject to change depending on the development and operation of the game.


Please look forward to meeting the new fighter, XIII Saiki, the final boss in the XIII series, and his Battle Cards.