New Fighter & Battle Card Info

New Fighter & Battle Card Info


Introducing the new Fighters and Battle Cards that many Contenders have been waiting for.

Master of the Kyokugenryu Karate Dojo, Known as the “Invincible Dragon,” XIV Ryo Sakazaki.

These Fighters and Battle Cards can be obtained through “KOF Fighter/Battle Card Summon and Kaya’s Special Summon, and please keep in mind that new packages will be released at the same time. See below for more details.

◈ New Fighter & Battle Card Info

▶ Summon Schedule and Info

Summon Period Title Available Fighter/Battle Card
10/14 6:00 pm – (PDT) KOF All-Star Fighter Summon Fighter [5★ ] XIV Ryo Sakazaki
[5★] Benimaru Nikaido
[5★] 2001 Andy Bogard
KOF All-Star Battle Card Summon Special Card [5★] Ryuuko Rambu EX

※ The Fighters and Battle Cards included in this notice will be added to the “KOF ALLSTAR Fighter/Battle Card Summon” lineup in the future. They may be available from another summon or event content in the future.

▶ Please note
※ Tap View Rate at the top right corner of the Summon page to check the summon chances.
※ Loyalty Rewards will be provided based on the summon counts of “KOF ALLSTAR Fighter/Battle Card Summon”.
※ Summon schedules or lineups are subject to change depending on the development and operation of the game.

◈New Package Info

▶ Event Shop
– The following packages can be purchased during a set period.

Package Name Components Sale Period Available Purchase Count
XIV Ryo Fighter Package 3,270 Rubies

5,000,000 Gold

Fest Fighter Selector x1

Fest Fighter Memory Selector x1

297 Plus Capsule Box x1

10/14 6:00 pm

– 10/28 8:59 pm (PDT)

During Sale Period

1 Time Per Account

XIV Ryo Awakening Package Fest Fighter Memory Selector x1

Awaken Tier 1 EXP Capsule x100

Awaken Tier 2 EXP Capsule x60

Awaken Tier 3 EXP Capsule x40

10/14 6:00 pm

– 10/28 8:59 pm (PDT)

During Sale Period

3 Times per Account

▶ Please note
※ Items sold in the shop may be available for purchase or in a different form in the future.

Please look forward to meeting the new fighter, XIV Ryo Sakazaki, and experiencing the new battle card!