New Fighter and Battle Card Notice!

New Fighter and Battle Card Notice!


Stein may have changed his gender, but her Taekwondo skills that condemn the evil didn’t lose its charisma!
AS Lady Kim Kaphwan and her Special Card will be released.


See below for more details!


◈ New Fighter and Battle Card
▶ Summon Period and Info



Fighter/Battle Card

6/09 6:30 pm (PDT) –

KOF ALLSTAR Fighter Summon


[5★] AS Lady Kim Kaphwan

KOF ALLSTAR Battle Card Summon

Special Card

[5★] Falling Phoenix Kick

 <Lady Kim Kaphwan>

*The Fighter/Battle Card will be added in KOF ALLSTAR Fighter/Battle Card Summon Lineup.
They may be available from other summons, and event, content in the future.


▶ Fighter Info



▶ Note

– <Lady Kim Kaphwan> Special Card “Falling Phoenix Kick” is an exclusive battle card for “AS Lady Kim Kaphwan”. It cannot be equipped with other fighters.
– Tap View Rate at the top right corner of the Summon page to check the summon chances.
– Loyalty Reward will be provided based on the summon counts of “KOF ALLSTAR Fighter/Battle Card Summon”.
– Summon schedules or lineups are subject to change depending on the development and operation of the game.
*AS Lady Kim Kaphwan and its Special Card are also available to obtain as a Loyalty Reward from Event Shop. (New package notice [LINK])


Please look forward to meeting the new fighter, Lady Kim Kaphwan, and experiencing the new battle card!