Lady Zero (Original) & Zero (Original) is Here!

Lady Zero (Original) & Zero (Original) is Here!


A Fighter that performs well in PVP matches with powerful abilities has arrived in the world of KOF ALLSTAR.
Let’s check out the newly introduced Lady Zero (Original) and the returning Zero (Original) Fighters, shall we?





Tips and Characteristics of Lady Zero (Original)

1) A Fighter that should perform well in PVP.

2) Applies Invincibility on herself and Petrify enemies when using/applying skills.

3) Has an ability to reflect Petrification. (Mukai counter!)

Tips and Characteristics of Zero (Original)

1) A Fighter that should perform well in PVP.

2) Has an ability to ignore the opponent’s guard when landing a skill.

3) Zero’s firepower is improved with skill cooldown resets.


If you’d like to obtain Zero, make sure to check out the information below!



4/27 21:00 ~ 5/13 20:59 (PDT)


Summon Requirement


Available Fighters:
AS Lady Zero (Original)
01 Zero (Original)


Available Battle Cards:
AS Lady Zero (Original) Exclusive “Hakura Messhou”
01 Zero (Original) Exclusive  “Hakura Messhou”



Please note: 

– The Special Card “Hakura Messhou” can be obtained from the “Lady Zero & Zero Orignal Battle Card Summon during the event period.
– The Special Cards “Hakura Messhou” between AS Lady Zero and 01 Zero (Original) are different Special Cards.
– Another summon may be scheduled in the future.
– This event item may be available for purchase, or the purchase/summon system for this item, may be changed in the future.
– There may be duplicate items from the Normal Summon.
– Tap View Rate at the top right corner of the Summon page to check the summon chances.