Lady Zero (Clone) Fighter is HERE!

Lady Zero (Clone) Fighter is HERE!


With this update, we’re excited to introduce the integrated summon to our contenders!


A new fighter joined us in the revamped summon event. The new fighter is Lady Zero (Clone)! You’ll be able to see the cuteness of Lady Zero (Clone) with a nice mustache in the revamped summon event.



Lady Zero (Clone) Characteristics:
1)    A great leader skill for balanced type fighters!
2)    Has a Super Armor that is good for PVP
3)    Skill cooldown resets when reaching a certain chance


Meet Lady Zero (Clone), one of the NEST greatest fighter today!


Summon Requirement
Clear KOF ’94 Normal Story – Chapter 3

Available Fighters:
Lady Zero (Clone)

Available Battle Cards:

Lady Zero (Clone) “Anryuutenha”


Please Note: 
–    The Special Card of “Lady Zero (Clone)” can be obtained from the integrated battle card summons.
–    The fighter/battler card may be acquired in a different way in the future
–    There may be duplicate items from the Normal Summon.
–    The probability of summons may change due to new pick-up system
–    To check the summon chances, tap View Rate at the top right corner of the Summon page.