Krizalid is Here! Whip and New Events…

Krizalid is Here! Whip and New Events…


01/13 05:00 PM ~ 09:00 PM (PST)



1.    Krizalid Summon

Zero (Original) had a very loyal subordinate, Krizalid. His strength, as well as loyalty, was of great help to Zero (Original).


What does Krizalid look like in King of Fighters ALLSTAR? Check the video below!



After the 01/13 maintenance ~ 01/27 07:59 PM (PST)


Summon Condition
–    Clear KOF ’94 Story Chapter 3 on normal difficulty

Representative Character
’99 Krizalid


Battle Card Summon Condition
–    Reach Rank Lv. 15

Representative Battle Card
Desperate Overdrive EX


–    You can summon after clearing KOF ’94 Story Chapter 3 on normal difficulty.
–    The Special Card “Desperate Overdrive EX” can be obtained from the “Krizalid Battle Card Summon” during the event period.
–    Tap the Summon Chance at the top right corner in the Summon page to check the summon chance.
–    There may be duplicate items from the Normal Summon.

2.    New Events

–    Whip Roulette Event

Don’t miss out on the chance to get a new character and a 5★ Special Card! The fighter of this roulette event is ’99 Whip! Some of you may have Winter Festival Whip. Get the original Whip to complete your collection!


There are 2 ways to obtain Whip. Make sure to check them out!


After the 01/13 maintenance ~ 02/03 07:59 PM (PST)


Main Rewards
’99 Whip
Sonic Slaughter “Code KW”
Rainbow Core


How to Spin the Roulette
1.    Use a Roulette Ticket

2.    Watch the ad on the roulette menu.
3.    Use rubies.


You can spin the Roulette in any of these 3 ways.


How to Obtain Roulette Tickets
–    Complete the event mission during the event period.
–    1 ticket can be obtained upon completing an event mission. Up to 3 tickets can be obtained per day.


★How to play the Roulette more efficiently★

1. 10 Roulette Tickets can be purchased from the Secret Shop during the event period.

2. Roulette Ticket Package can be purchased once a day. The package offers the best price for the tickets.

3. Tickets from the Shop and Secret Shop are a better value than using Rubies to spin the Roulette!


How to Obtain ‘99 Whip and Sonic Slaughter “Code KW” more efficiently
1.    Check the Craft menu!
2.    Craft using ’99 Whip soul in the Fighter/Battle Card tabs.


Roulette Rewards Probability

Reward Quantity Probability
’99 Whip 1 0.250%
Sonic Slaughter “Code KW” 1 0.250%
Rainbow Core 1 30.000%
’99 Whip Soul 1 23.000%
’99 Whip Soul 2 12.000%
’99 Whip Soul 5 4.500%
AS Gold Soul 2 30.000%


–    You can get ’99 Whip or Sonic Slaughter “Code KW” through the Roulette event or through crafting.
–    ’99 Whip’s Soul counts differently depending on the number. If you collect different numbers in bingo slots, you will not receive a 200% bonus reward!
–    You can spin up to 999 times a day! Once you spin it all, you can spin it again after the next server restart time.
– To play roulette you need a roulette ticket or ruby! Event tickets are used first, and you can use ruby to spin the roulette once you’ve used them all.
–    When using Rubies to spin the roulette, no warning is made. Be careful if you don`t want to spend it!
–    Items received will be sent to the mailbox.

–    Mai’s Fortune Event

After the 01/13 maintenance ~ 01/27 07:59 PM (PST)


How to Participate
1.    Touch Mai’s event icon.

Look for Mai in the Lobby!
2.    Check the mission that needs to be completed!
3.    Get a chance to draw your fortune after completing the mission!
4.    Draw your fortune!


Main Rewards
Plus Capsule (x 10) Random Box
Element Soul (x 5) Random Box
Assorted Core x10 Selection Box


CM Tip!
–    There’s an extra reward if you check all the fortunes!


–    Get the rewards on the event page before the event period ends!
–    After the event period ends, we will not be able to help you with any rewards not collected during the daily resets.
–    Rewards will be sent to the mailbox.
–    Page display may not be smooth depending on your network environment. Please participate in a stable environment.


3.    New Items

–    Krizalid Package ->


4.    Miscellaneous

–    Ruby consumption was changed (now: free Rubies first > after maintenance: paid rubies first).
–    When watching an ad for a chance to spin the roulette in the Roulette Event, you can watch the next ad immediately after the first ad finishes