Gold Farming Guide [Increase Gold Gains]

Gold Farming Guide [Increase Gold Gains]


Welcome to the gold guide! We will be going over why gold is important and how you can get more gold over time to help you progress in the game.

Importance of Gold Farming

Farming gold will help speed up certain things for you. Below are the things that gold is required:

  • Unlocking Cores – The most time consuming and a constant gold sink, especially if you are always using new fighters. Heck, even getting a team of 6 fighters to max level core is already time consuming.
  • Upgrading Battle Cards – Also a gold sink, especially if you want to max out the skill levels of the cards.
  • Crafting – Crafting costs gold and can eat it up fast.
  • Limit Breaking – An 800k gold sink per fighter if you want them to get to level 90.

Set Card

This is the set card you want for gold farming. It is a 4 star set card that is relatively easy to complete as you start pulling more battle cards. It gives 12.6% more gold per stage. Having a complete set of 3 on your team would give 37.8% more gold.

Fighter and Main Links for Gold Farming

Seems to me in the game that they think King and Robert are the richest folks. It makes sense. In the lore Robert Garcia is like the son of a wealthy business man and King is a restaurant owner. Yuri and Takuma also have links that give them gold bonuses. Looks like the Art of Fighting team has tonnes of money! 😀

Below is a list of fighters that has links that provide gold bonuses for clearing a stage.

We will start off with the highest gold gainer links first.

+15% Gold Gain

+12% Gold Gain

+6% Gold Gain

Gold Farming Dungeon

Unfortunately, the best gold dungeon difficulty is only available 3 times daily, which gives you a net of 50k gold per run. Try to get to at least +50% gold bonuses. This would put you at 75k gold per run for a total of 225k gold daily.

Sometimes, the game will give you events like 1/2 AP or double gold to help you gain more gold. You want to take advantage of it and farm more than usual.

Special events will sometimes allow you to farm gold as well.

For example, the Tekken collab event lets you farm gold. And I am sure they will come out with more events that will let you do so.

Here is a video of ScionStorm giving his gold farming methods in video format: