F2P Ruby Farming Guide [+Managing Your Resources]

F2P Ruby Farming Guide [+Managing Your Resources]


Welcome to the ruby farming and management guide! We will be going over the different ways you can farm rubies and what you should do with your rubies based on the effort and reward ratio when spending it.


In summary, you are going to get about 30k rubies over the course of playing the story mode, growth missions, daily logins and achievements. If you casually play the game, this is doable in 30 days.

That means with this amount, you will get to a pity summon for a unique banner. These unique banners are purple border (FES) units and are a bit stronger than the other units in terms of stats and raw power.

So as long as you don’t waste your rubies on random stuff, you are guaranteed to get an FES unit of your choice. Currently, we have:

  • Orochi Iori 97
  • Orochi Leona 97
  • Goenitz 96
  • Omega Rugal 98

Later FES units include:

  • Orochi Yashiro 97
  • Orochi Shermie 97
  • Orochi Chris 97
  • Orochi 97
  • Krizalid 99
  • Zero Clone 00
  • Original Zero 01
  • Igniz 01
  • Ash Crimson 03
  • Terry Bogard 03
  • Nakoruru XIV
  • Pretty Chang Kohean AS

So you have a lot of choices but only 1 to pick. Of course later on you have more gems saved up, so ideally you can have 2-3 FES units as F2P.


Here are the various methods you can farm rubies.

Story Mode

Currently there are 5 story modes from ’94 to ’98. They are separated into 3 modes. Normal, Hard and Expert. Each storyline has 10 chapters except for the ’94 story.

Normal Mode (Level 1-70):

  • 9 rubies for clearing objectives
  • 10 rubies for 1st clear + full clear

Hard Mode  (Level 44-80):

  • 12 rubies for clearing objectives
  • 12 rubies for 1st clear + full clear

Expert Mode (Level 61-90):

  • 15 rubies for clearing objectives
  • 16 rubies for 1st clear + full clear

Each time you complete a chapter, you get 10 rubies. On top of that, you also get a full objective bonus clear reward per chapter of 100, 150 and 200 rubies respectively for normal, hard and expert respectively.

Each chapter also has the bonus rounds of Ryo vs Statue and Car Destroying, which gives a bonus 3000 rubies across all story mode.

Story/ Missions Normal Hard Expert
’94 81 81 81
’95 105 105 105
’96 105 105 105
’97 111 111 111
’98 96 96 96

Above is the total number of missions for each story. Let’s break it down:

  • Complete all mission = 5976 rubies
  • Full Clear (finishing the 3 mission objectives) = 6308 rubies
  • Finishing each chapter = (24+30+30+30+30) x 20 = 2880 rubies
  • Finishing each storyline = (100 + 150 +200) x5 = 2250 rubies
  • Blue stages with story conversations = (7+14+13+17+20) x 5 = 355 rubies
  • Destroy stone and car = 3000 rubies

All in all, you get a grand total of 20769 rubies.

Rank Up

When you level up, you get bonus gems. From level 1-99, you get 10 rubies per level. From levels 100-200 you get 20 rubies per level.

Also, when you hit milestones at rank up to 100, you get bonus rubies as well. For simplicity sake, we will just cap this section at rank 100.

The total number of rubies here you get will be 550.

New Fighters

As you play casually, you will complete more growth missions and complete achievements that reward you with fighter battle tickets.

Once you have collected up to 100 fighters, you will get 780 rubies. Now if you only pull from the limited FES banners, you will hit this mark pretty easily.


Affinity gives your fighters bonus stats and also +50 rubies once they reach level 9 affinity. You need to farm their favorite food to level it quickly. FES characters don’t have any favorite food, so levelling their affinity will be hard. That means there is no quick way to get character souls for Orochi Iori. :X

The number of affinity points you get is:

  • Not Favorite = 10 points
  • Favorite (has a happy face) =  110 points

Here is the affinity leveling table:

Affinity Level Experience
1 50
2 100
3 220
4 400
5 650
6 1330
7 1770
8 2270
9 2880
10 3350
11 3950
12 4600
13 5300
14 6000
Total 33750

You only need to get their affinity to level 9 to get all 50 rubies (the intervals are 1,3,5,7,9). So you need to feed them 88 of their favorite food. You can check the farming places by clicking on it.

With new fighters mean you can keep doing this method until you run out of it. Technically this won’t be an issue as they will always come out with new characters.

So let’s just say you do this for 20 characters. That will give you a total of 1000 rubies.


Events are usually weekly or monthly. Most are weekly. There is a main event that will last for 30 days. That one will usually net you quite a bit of rubies.

For example, right now the on going banner is King’s event. This event gives about 500 rubies including clearing all the missions + getting all the rewards. So expect to get about that for these monthly events.

For weekly events, you get a small amount every week.

There is going to be usually 3-4 weekly events and if you full clear them, you will get an extra 93-124 rubies.

The beginner’s growth mission completed also nets you 1300 rubies.

Daily Grind

If you do your dailies, you will get 50 rubies after completing 6 of them of your choice. I recommend these 6 daily:

  • Use EXP capsule 1 Time – 50 AP
  • Summon Daily Fighter – 50 AP
  • Play League Match 1 Time – 50 AP
  • Play Soul Quest 1 Time – 10000 Gold
  • Play Power Up Dungeon 3 Times (do Gold Dungeon) – 10000 Gold
  • Login – 10000 Gold

These dailies will remind you to do the key things of your daily grind. Sometimes I forget about the Soul Quest and and the daily summons. Also don’t forget about the free Battle Card summon daily by clicking on the Battle Card tab.

You will also get 30 rubies by watching an ad in the secret shop. Those rubies will be sent to your inbox.


You can get a significant amount here if you invest time into it. If you climb both the League Match and Arena Match mode, you get a consistent amount of rubies weekly after the season ends. Time Attack isn’t PvP but a challenge against other players on who can finish a mission the fastest. It rotates daily.

League Match

Depending on your ranking, you will gain a certain amount of rubies and arena coins after each week. Just by participating, you will get 45 rubies weekly.

Arena Match

Similar to league, which you will get some rubies each week. Minimum is 40 rubies a week when you participate.

Time Attack

Just completing this will net you 10 rubies daily. This requires a bit of strategy and manual play to get more rubies daily. If you are able to consistently get top 500 (40 rubies per day), you can gain a significant amount of rubies over time. That is an extra 280 a week!

Here is what is done on the JP server that can help you figure out a team that can clear it fast if you want more rubies daily.

Yuri 98 is valuable here and can make it a quick work if you raise her. She gives:

  • 5% power gauge when defeating an enemy
  • All members gain 20% power gauge when using Desperation/Finishing moves
  • 7% power gauge when she uses her Tatsumaki skill

This allows your entire team to spam their specials. Very good indeed.

What to Spend Your Rubies On

Aside from spending the rubies on your desired banner, you want to save some for other things as well.

Energy Refill (10 rubies) – This gives you 200 AP which is a good deal. Early on you won’t be getting this until maybe level 70+. It is worth if you are an active player trying to get to rank 100 as it gives you the package deal of 1400 rubies for the yellow and green battle card selector.

Rank 100 Card Selector (1400 rubies) – This gives you a free 5 star set and option card. I recommend saving the set skill selector until you can get a full 5 start set complete. For the option card selector, I highly recommend either the Maxima or Kula cooldown card. They allow some units to do endless juggles on bosses that otherwise would be very hard for you to take on.

Here is an example of Mai 95 soloing the Chapter 1 Epic boss Orochi: