Defeat Giant Mighty Most and obtain Fest Fighters!

Defeat Giant Mighty Most and obtain Fest Fighters!


A new boss has been added to the Team Relay Dungeon! Might Most is ready to accept your challenge!

Defeat Giant Mighty Most, the new Team Relay Dungeon boss, and get Fest Fighters!
5/31 9:00 pm – 6/25 8:59 pm (PDT)


How to participate:
1. Go to Battle -> Special Match -> Team Relay Dungeon!
2. Form a formidable team to defeat Mighty Most.
3. Collect Team Relay Coins and exchange them for awesome rewards!


Main Rewards in Team Relay Dungeon:
Clone Zero
Clone Zero Special Card “Anryuutenha”
Clone Zero Memory
Clone Zero Medal
Team Relay Lucky Box
Rainbow Evolution Materials Mystery Box
A variety of Souls



Please note:
– Team Relay Coins can be used at the Team Relay Exchange Shop.

– In Giant Mighty Most Dungeon, you can form a team with 55-59 cost, so be sure to build a powerful team and defeat the Team Relay Dungeon Boss!