Battle Card Guide [Leveling, Upgrading and Skill Upgrade]

Battle Card Guide [Leveling, Upgrading and Skill Upgrade]


Welcome to the battle card guide. In this tutorial, we will go over battle cards leveling, upgrading and why they are important. We will also recommend some of the best cards to use as a new player.

Battle Card and its Usefulness

Certain battle cards can help change the tide of the battle and they also provide additional stat boosts to your fighter. The stats become noticeable once you use and upgrade 5 star battle cards and equip them on your fighter. You will feel the difference in combat when your fighters can withstand more attacks and also deal more damage with the bonus stats.

At the start of the game, you are welcome to use 3 and 4 star battle cards. But once you have access to 5 star battle cards, I would recommend using them only since they give the highest boost in stats. 3 and 4 star cards are then used for upgrading and leveling skills in the end game.

Card Types

There are 3 card types that you can use in the game. They are Special, Set and Option cards.

  • Special Card – This is the purple card that allows you to use a specific fighter’s 2nd special. These can either be 3 or 5 power bar cost.
  • Set Card – These requires 3 to get a set bonus. You need all 3 card types to get the bonus. And these cannot be exchanged in the exchange shop unfortunately.
  • Option Card – These are the green cards that can give bonus stats and usually they come with at least 2 options. You can equip 2 of theses and you can equip 2 of the same cards.

Upgrading Battle Cards

In order to enhance your cards, you will need a few things.

  • Enhancement Cards (For quick experience)
  • Evolution Materials (For evolving cards)
  • Skill Enhancement Cards (For leveling up skill)
  • Same Card Copy (100% chance to level up skill of the card)

To get enhancement cards, you can get them via:

  • Weekly Battle Card Dungeon – This rotates weekly and gives you a chance to obtain 3/4 star enhancement cards and skill cards
  • Epic Quest – Gives 2/3 star enhancement cards

To get evolution materials, you will need to do:

  • Battle Card Evolution Dungeon – There are 3 difficulties and 2 types. One for set cards and one for option cards.

Skill cards can only be farmed via Battle Card Dungeon and occasionally special events will give out rare 5 star skill enhancement cards.

Upgrading Battle Card Skills

This is where most of you will be spending your resources in the end game. Maxing out your cards is a longer process and it requires a lot of skill cards or copies to get max out a card.

Here is a quick summary by Vicegrip when upgrading skills:

Fact 1: an exact matching card always grants a 100% skill up.

Fact 2: spending a card with a higher skill level improves skill up odds.

Fact 3: spending a card with a higher star count improves skill up odds.

Fact 4: matching the type of cards being used to what’s being upgraded slightly improves odds.

Here are the recommendations when upgrading skills:

  • From Levels 1 to 3 – Use 3 star skill enhancement cards
  • From Levels 4 to 7 – Use a mix of 3 and 4 skill enhancement cards
  • Levels 8 to 10 – Use upgraded, evolved and skill enhanced cards of skill levels of 3-7.

As you can see from the top, I was using an evolved 5 star card with skill level 6. I was able to get a 95.8% success rate with this card. Normally, if you only use four star skill enhancement cards(6 of them), the success rate would be 48%.

Key Tip: Keep your duplicates. Don’t just sell them for pennies or burn them all at level 1. Below is a chart of using evolved cards with higher skill levels.

Below is the Reddit post by Vicegrip which gives you more in depth explanation on the way to do it if you care a lot about efficiency.