Baseball Fighters!

Baseball Fighters!


The infighter Vanessa has turned into a baseball batter while Grab skill expert Shermie turned into a cheerleader! Check out these Fighters in baseball costumes!




“Baseball Vanessa” Characteristics/Tips:

1. A boxing style infighter!

2. Gains Super Armor when using a skill

3. Immune to debuffs

“Baseball Shermie” Characteristics/Tips:

1. A Grab skill expert!

2. High survivability as a Defense type Fighter

3. Gains Super Armor upon landing a Critical Hit

If you’d like to obtain Baseball Fighters, make sure to check the information below!



4/15 9:00 pm – 5/6 8:59 pm (PDT)


Summon Requirements:




AS Baseball Vanessa

AS Baseball Shermie


Battle Cards:

Infinity Puncher

MAX Shermie Carnival


Please note:

– Special Cards “Infinity Puncher” and “MAX Shermie Carnival” are only available through the Baseball Battle Card Summon during the event period.

– Another summon may be scheduled in the future.

– This event item may be available for purchase, or the purchase/summon system for this item, may change in the future.

– There may be duplicate items from the Normal Summon.

– Tap View Rate at the top right corner of the Summon page to check the summon chances.