AS Fighter Super Mission 2nd Event

AS Fighter Super Mission 2nd Event


Did you miss a chance of acquiring an AS Fighter in the King of Fighter All-Star?

We have prepared the second Super Mission Event where you can get AS Fighters and its Special Card, so be sure to take this opportunity! See below for more details!



4/30 21:00 ~ 5/13 20:59 (PDT)


How to Participate:
1.    Tap the AS Fighter Super Mission icon in the Lobby.
2.    Check the current Mission and see to it that you perform it.

Main Rewards: 
AS Gold Soul
AS Fighter Selector
AS Special Card Selector
Rainbow Soul


Please note: 
•    This event progresses from Day 1 through 7. The Mission for the next day can be played after the server refreshes.
•    For Fighter-Level Achievement Missions, you need to level up again to progress.
•    Some of the AS Fighters and their Special Card are excluded from the AS Fight and AS Special Card Selection.
•    Server refreshes at 9:00 PM (PDT) every day.