Added Summons: Namelesss 02 and Kaya’s Battle Set Card

Added Summons: Namelesss 02 and Kaya’s Battle Set Card


The strongest modified human fighter dealing with flames! It is said that he came to the King of Fighter world for Isolde’s revenge. Let’s check out the newly introduced Nameless, shall we?


Nameless Characteristics:
1. He’s a remodeled human being, but a handsome guy!
2. Amazing Skill Effects.
3. High attack power and damage despite being a Defense Type.
4. When using the skill, there will be burn damage together with the power gauge decrease effect.


If you’d like to obtain Nameless as your fighters, make sure to check out the information below!

In addition, there will be a new set of cards that will be added, so please check for it!



After the maintenance 05/27


Summon Requirement:
Clear KOF ’94 Normal Story – Chapter 3


Available Fighters:
’02 Nameless


Available Battle Cards:
Nameless Special card “Kaiten Katatokkan Ougi Rasen”
Nameless Special card “Saishuu Katame Shutou Higi Rinkou EX”


New Battle Cards (Set Cards)
Set Card (Shadow and the Truth Type 1)
Set Card (Shadow and the Truth Type 2)
Set Card (Shadow and the Truth Type 3)



Please Note: 
–    The Special Card “Kaiten Katatokkan Ougi Rasen”, “Saishuu Katame Shutou Higi Rinkou EX”, and Set Cards “Shadow and the Truth Type 1/2/3” can be obtained from the KOF All-Stars Battle Card Summon.
–    If you summoned ’02 Nameless fighter from KOF All-Star Fighter Summon, you can only purchase the Nameless Special Card Package for 3 hours from the Private Shop after obtaining the fighter.
–    Sales/acquisition methods are subject to change.
–    There may be duplicate items from the Normal Summon.
–    To check the summon rates, tap View Rate at the top right corner of the Summon page.