9/28 Patch Notice

9/28 Patch Notice

LINK: http://forum.netmarble.com/kofg_en/view/4/31104

There is another patch that is in progress in order to correct some of the in-game contents. Check below for more details. 


◈ 9/28 Patch Notice


Patch Schedule: 9/28 1:20 AM-1 :
50 AM (PDT)

Patch Info:

1.Fixed the issue wherein the remaining period does not reset after the KOF ALLSTAR Pass reset.

2. Added 3 new Event mission to help with Battle Card Upgrade.

  ※ The event mission is available from 9/28 9:00 PM -10/5  8:59 PM (PDT) .

Please Note
※ The new patch will be automatically installed when the game reconnects after the patch.
※ Disconnection may occur during the patch.
※ The game is still playable during the patch.
※ New pop-ups may be exposed in menus such as Summon and Shops. Also, the game might restart so the patch will be applied smoothly.


The KOF ALLSTAR team will work hard to provide smooth and engaging gameplay.