7/28 Patch Notice

7/28 Patch Notice

LINK: http://forum.netmarble.com/kofg_en/view/4/24203

A new fighter and battle card will be added on 7/28 Patch. Restart the game in order to apply the patch. Please check below for more information:


◈ 7/28 Patch Notice


Patch Schedule
7/28 06:00 pm – 06:30 pm (PDT)


1. Added new Fighter and Battle Cards
–    Fighter: [★5] Saiki
–    Special Battle Card:  [★5] Kasumi / [★5] Washiba Otoshi


※ KOF All-Star Fighter Summon, KOF All-Star Battle Card Summon, and Kaya’s Special summon are not available during the patch in order to add the new fighter and battle cards. 


2. Improve Pick Up Selection System 3

 -Improvements have been made to the UI to make it easier to see newly added fighters and battle cards.
 -When a new fighter is released, they will automatically be added to the exclusive slot for a set amount of time, increasing their summon chance.
 -The exclusive slot is an optional pick-up slot that is dedicated to newly released fighters, and not for previously released fighters.

 -Exclusive slot will be applied separately from the existing pick-up selection system.
  (5 fighter pick ups + 1 new fighter exclusive automatic pick up)

※ The summoning rate of fighters except for the 5 fighters selected for pick up, including the exclusive slot, will be adjusted.
※ The fighter selected for the exclusive pick up slot will remain there until the next fighter release. 
※ If there are 2 or more new fighters, tap the exclusive slot to change the fighter.
※ The new fighter in the exclusive slot will not appear in the normal Pick-Up Selection until the new fighter is released.
※ Once the next fighter is added, the previous new fighter can be selected from the normal Pick-Up Selection.


3. Fixed the Kagura Super Mission Error

-Fixed an issue wherein the shortcut for the Day 4 Kagura Super Mission does not proceed to the dungeon.

-Fixed an issue wherein the “Surprise Gift Box” was not displayed in the Gift List of Affinity.



Please Note: 
※ The new patch will be automatically installed when the game reconnects after the patch.
※ Disconnection may occur during the patch.
※ The game is still playable during the patch.
※ New pop-ups may be exposed in menus such as Summon and Shops. Also, the game might restart so the patch will be applied smoothly.