11/11 Patch Notice

11/11 Patch Notice

LINK: https://forum.netmarble.com/kofg_en/view/4/34985

A patch is in progress in order to add a new fighter, battle card and events. The patch will be applied once you restart the game. Please check below for more details. 


◈ 11/11 Patch Notice


Patch Schedule:

-11/11 4:50 pm-5:00 pm (PST)


Patch Details:
1.New Fighter (Mr. Karate) and Battle Card added
2.Eru’s Dice Game Event, World Drop Event, and November Bingo Event added 
3.Adjustment the sale period of Halloween Special Shop


Please Note:
※ New pop-ups may be exposed in menus such as Summon and Shops. Also, the game might restart so the patch will be applied smoothly.
※ The new patch will be automatically installed when the game reconnects after the patch.
※ Disconnection may occur during the patch.